How to strengthen your IESE MiM application

MiM Global Recruitment Director, Paula Amorim gives you practical tips on how to tackle the MiM application and strengthen your candidature.

Dear MiM Class of 2021 Applicants,

As you embark on your MiM application journey, I wanted to share some pointers on how to approach the IESE application. I hope that this will provide you with added clarity and inspiration to help you tackle the application and essay questions.

In your application, we want to get to know you. It’s a chance to tell your story, to explain your motivations, and to exhibit your commitment and enthusiasm to the admissions team. This is also the perfect opportunity for some self-reflection, we what to see who you are, what you have done and what you want to achieve. Be concise on why you want to go to business school and how you think the IESE MiM specifically will help you in achieving your goals. Take the essay questions as an opportunity to focus on what is truly important to you based on the questions asked of you.

This year, we have three mandatory essay questions and two optional essays.

What are your career goals and how can IESE help you acheive them? 

Mandatory Questions

Essay 1 (300 words): How will the Master in Management help you to achieve your academic and professional goals?
For this essay, you should express your personal objectives and illustrate how an IESE MiM would support and be the best next step in your career trajectory and help you strengthen your academic prowess.

Try to be clear and concise about your plans. What are your specific career goals, do you have any target roles or companies? How do these goals fit your values and what impact do you hope to bring to potential organization or sectors, in the short to medium term?

What skill sets do you possess and how does the IESE MiM bridge the gaps in your stated goals? We would recommend establishing some action plans, for instance, identifying program offerings of relevance that would be beneficial for gaining new skills or knowledge. Are there clubs, classes, career treks that reaffirm why you are choosing to apply to IESE? Have you met or spoken to alumni who have similar backgrounds or are working in fields you are interested in?
We do understand that some applicants want to use the MiM as a chance to explore different career options. If that is the case, you can keep the perspective broad in your essay, but still define your priorities and areas of interest. Underline how the IESE MiM can help put you in a better position in your future career. What type of learning or growth do you expect to gain?

Essay 2 (300 words): Describe a situation where you had to work to build connections with people you had little in common with․ How did you demonstrate that you valued their input?
We encourage you to think deeply about this question. The IESE community is highly diverse and extremely collaborative. During the MiM, you will work closely with students from completely different backgrounds and we want to see how you would fit in with this group. Think about a time, either professional or personal, where you had to build connections. What active role did you play? How did you handled a situation where opinions differed? Most importantly, how did you show your colleagues that you valued their opinion? How did you facilitate an environment of mutual respect?

Essay 3 Essay (300 words): Describe the biggest challenge you have faced recently․ How did you feel when you were asked to take it on?
With each question, we want to get a better understanding of who you are. With this question in particular, we want to dive even deeper. What do you consider a challenge? What is your natural reaction to stress and how do you overcome pressure. You can be honest here; no one is perfect and don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear. Everyone faces challenges and everyone has stresses. Think of a time which showcases who you are and your personal drive to keep moving forward.

Optional Video Essay (300 words)
Video Essay: I wish the Admissions Committee had asked me…
This open-ended question is for you to share aspects of your candidacy not mentioned in the rest of your application. This essay could potentially help you to stand out from the crowd by showing an additional side of your personalities such as a special hobby or passion, further potential in contributing to the IESE community, examples of how you embody IESE values, addressing weaknesses or gaps in your application that you feel would benefit from context. However, please keep in mind this question is truly optional. It might be better for you to skip this question if you do not have anything of value to add beyond what has already been mentioned.

Optional Scholarships Essay:(500 words)
How do you plan to finance your Master in Management and why do think you deserve a scholarship? 
Pursuing your MiM is a big investment and it is essential to have a solid financial plan with contingencies. In fact, we often advise our applicants that the best time to start planning your finances is before applying to any business school. Our applicants typically combine various sources of financing options including personal or family savings, public or private loans and scholarships. It is important to consider the feasibility of your financial plan and provide us with good reasoning to support your scholarship application.

At IESE, our scholarships are merit-based. Outstanding academic records, strong GMAT score, professional achievements as well as fit with the school are important factors in the selection process. While scholarships can be highly competitive, consider highlighting your motivation and commitment in joining the school and emphasize how you can further contribute to the IESE community as a student and an alumnus.

Lastly, be genuine and passionate in your writing, because that is what leaves a deep and lasting impression. I wish you all the best in your application process and look forward to getting to know you!


Paula Amorim (MBA ’16)
MiM Global Recruitment Director


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    Paula Amorim’s insights on strengthening your IESE MiM application offer valuable guidance for prospective applicants. Her emphasis on self-reflection, clarity in motivations, and demonstrating commitment through the application process is crucial. By focusing on your unique story, achievements, and future aspirations, you can effectively showcase your suitability for the program. This advice will undoubtedly help applicants present a compelling case to the admissions team and align their goals with the IESE MiM program.

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