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Last month, we were thrilled to welcome our largest MiM class yet to our Madrid campus, with 115 students from over 33 nationalities and 43% women. Favour Okolie, MiM Class of 2023 from Nigeria shares her first impressions and what she loves about being at IESE.

On Monday 22nd of August 2022, I started my Masters in Management program at IESE Business School in Madrid. When I received the notice of my admission in December 2021, I was overjoyed – it was literally a dream come true!

I completed my bachelors degree in Chemistry from Nigeria’s premier university, University of Ibadan. Before graduation, I started to notice a springing interest in business and management which was being nurtured by an organization I started to work in as a volunteer Administrative Officer in my third year – Oak Nation Entrepreneurial (ONE) Foundation. By 2021, I had become heavily interested in ONE Foundation’s vision to empower one million businesses in Africa by 2030 by providing training and mentorship to business owners thereby reducing the rates of business failures in the continent.  I realized that getting quality business education would be very pivotal to equipping me with relevant knowledge to help these businesses tackle various business and management related challenges.

The first time I heard of IESE Business School was in 2018 from an IESE alumna, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika who is a reputable business leader in my country, Nigeria and sits on the board of IESE. She was giving a talk and emphasized IESE’s ethical business approach and the solid business education it provides, and through this I began to desire to do a program at IESE Business School. During the graduate school application season in 2021, I browsed the school’s website and discovered that the Masters in Management (MIM) program was the best suited for my profile. The MIM curriculum is very similar to that of the MBA but is specifically tailored for young people with 0-2 years of experience so I applied. The application process was explained in detail on the website and during my interview with the Admissions Committee, I observed that it was geared at understanding my background to see how I would fit with the program. I found my interviewers friendly in a professional manner and the overall process seamless. Receiving the IESE Women in Business Scholarship was icing on the cake!

My experience since I arrived campus has been amazing and there’s just everything to love  at IESE Business School.

I made it to IESE!

Rich Diversity

As a student from Africa, I wanted a program where I would find people from various continents represented as well as those from Africa. I have been able to interact with course mates from thirty-three countries in the world across Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America which means an exposure to a wide range of perspectives critical to development in the business world. This rich diversity also helps in dissecting cases from different perspectives, I find it very stimulating to learn from different perspectives while contributing mine.

Baskin in the beautiful Spanish sun with my classmates from all over the world!

Invested Professors and Staff

Everyone at IESE wants to help you become the best version of yourself. The sincere interest and passion to assist is very palpable. The ambience at IESE is a huge contrast to a typical cold business environment I thought I may find. One of my professors assisted in helping me understand new accounting concepts I initially found challenging due to my background in Chemistry. With professors who are well aligned to IESE’s mission, there’s no better foundation for a productive career.

Robust Community

Being a part of the IESE community where everyone is always ready to assist is such a delight. I got a sense of this during my application when I reached out to current and past students. Not a single person refused to assist me in any way they can, and I find that remarkable.

Working hard at the Career Bootcamp

Extensive Resources

On campus there a wide range of resources at the disposal of the students to be able to excel in both academics and career. CV management tools, learning platforms and literally every tool one could need to support their academics and career is made available to the students. At the beginning of the program, we had a very intensive one-week Career Bootcamp that I found very useful in helping me clarify my career goals, north-star and aspirations under the guidance of well-trained counsellors.

Beautiful Campus

I love the scenery at IESE Madrid campus and one of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of both nature and people within the space.

I am very optimistic that my time at IESE Business School would prepare me to contribute massively to providing solutions to difficult business management problems while also providing excellent global standard business leadership for various businesses.

I am excited about my time here at IESE (even with the rigors of academic work) and I look forward to the activities of the Career Development Center during the school year, as I am eager to explore working as a strategy consultant and using my skills to help businesses across continents after the MIM. I hope to offer guidance to international students interested in joining the MIM, so please reach out if you have any questions!

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  1. You’ve been on quite a journey and I’m glad to know you’re in good hands. Success to you in your studies and future aspirations!

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