Learning about experiential marketing in the New York module

The IESE New York international module during our Master in Management was truly a one in a lifetime experience. The excitement that was felt in our classroom as the option to attend the New York campus was announced was exhilarating. Not taking long to book flights and accommodation with our fellow IESE MiM colleagues, we quickly came to the realisation that this was truly happening. Arriving in New York on a Saturday, we checked into our Airbnb in preparation for our exciting week in the unique city of New York.

We were excited to begin our adventure in New York – starting with a meal in Chinatown!

Feeling completely welcomed at the discrete and historical building at 57th Street, the location of the IESE New York campus, arriving and taking classes in our new home for the next week was seamless.  Having the luxury to delve into the worlds of both Fintech and Experiential Marketing throughout our week in New York, these two courses provided us with in-depth industry knowledge that was both challenging and enlightening. Our Monday – Friday itinerary, similar to our standard timetable in Madrid, was packed with guest speakers, activities and most important of all, hefty case discussions. Whether it was through the cases or the calibre of our faculty, being in that classroom far away from home empowered us to seek and discover new ideas we had yet to explore.

For my particular interests, and the focus of this blog post, our Experiential Marketing module taught by our professor Íñigo Gallo during the week in New York opened up the door to a myriad of experiences I am greatly thankful for. The city of New York is known as a point of reference for many marketeers who are looking for the top marketing standards throughout all industries. From fashion luxury to fast food chains to a simple gyro stand, traveling the city of New York can be an overwhelmingly inspiring venture. With the guidance of our professor Francisco “Paco” Iniesta as our personal tour guide during our Retail Safari activity, we had the great opportunity to explore the streets of the New York and tackle some of the modern marketing techniques employed by industry leaders like Nike, Uniqlo, Zara, LEGO, and Lululemon. Our journey through 5th Avenue felt like it was taken straight out of a movie scene, it truly felt like we were immersed in each and every one of the universes portrayed in the boutiques of these retailers, indulging in a fantastic discussion of ideas we were able to take back home with us.

Exploring one of New York’s most well-known neighborhoods – Times Square!

As is the norm at IESE, we had plenty of cases to prepare throughout our time at New York. But there was a case which stood out from the rest: “The Shubert Organization: The Show Must Go On”. A case in which we dove into the unique universe that is Broadway and discussed as to how a traditionally perceived industry was able to reposition itself to target a younger and broader audience.  I don’t think there is a better way to assimilate the discussion we had in class than to physically attend the creative medium that is a Broadway play first hand, something I had yet to scratch of my bucket list. We had the opportunity to have a guided tour of a Broadway Theatre solely dedicated to the Broadway play of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child“, which allowed us to discuss our questions, ideas, and curiosities with the general manager. This was of course a fantastic opportunity to submerge ourselves in the Harry Potter universe and attend a live performance of the play, a must for Harry Potter fans, proving that Broadway was an experience worthwhile living at least once during your lifetime.

Having our afternoons off, there was also plenty of time to explore New York city. From visits to the Museum of Modern Art as well as an inspiring tour of the United Nations, we were thankfully able to scratch the touristic itch of New York City. To conclude, the satisfaction and heartfelt fulfilment experienced during the IESE New York module was something I wish I could re-live again and again. As a first-time traveller, New York is a city I will remember fondly and will continue to visit during my lifetime, hoping to pursue the same inspiration I found during our week in New York.

Written by Javier Woolley Dominguez, MiM Class of 2022

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