IESE’s MBA, no. 7 in the World

I am happy to share with you that the Financial Times (FT) has ranked the IESE MBA 7th in the world again this year. 2015 marks our fifth consecutive top-ten ranking by the FT and this happily coincides with the 50th anniversary of the MBA Program.

The FT ranking surveyed the class of 2011 with respect to several dimensions that measure the impact the MBA had on their careers. Let me highlight some of the results:

  • Our graduates report the highest level of aims achieved of a top-ten school (jointly with LBS). This outcome is much appreciated for a program that as you know tries to stimulate personal growth and success along many dimensions.
  • Alumni of the class of 2011 are also extremely happy with the career progress they have been able to make thanks to the MBA (8th worldwide – 3rd among top-ten MBA programs).
  • The IESE MBA comes in first in international course experience. This reflects the effort over the past years to provide high quality overseas modules in New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Nairobi, putting emphasis on practical learning experiences through local company projects.
  • An IESE MBA continues to be associated with strong salary increases: Our graduates experienced an average salary increase of 121%, the highest among the top-ten MBAs and 5th worldwide.

Needless to say, an MBA program experience is much more than a set of numbers. In our case it is the result of fifty years of combined efforts by alumni, faculty, staff and students.

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Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences and Associate Dean for MBA Programs

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