An IESE Entrepreneur’s Journey: How I co-founded

Are entrepreneurs born or made (in business schools)? The word ‘entrepreneur’, was first coined by Richard Cantillon, an Irish-French economist, in his book Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (written around 1730!), where he defines entrepreneurs as non-fixed income earners, risk-bearers and people that brought equilibrium to the market by correctly predicting consumer preferences….

“It is very much about people,” IESE Business Spanish Program

The IESE Business Spanish Program (BSP) is a 12-module course that aims to help MBA students develop their ability to successfully interact in Spanish. “Absolute beginners and junior-level students develop their ability to communicate in basic every day challenges and interactions, while intermediate and higher-level students engage in increasingly challenging and complex professional situations and…

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My Startup Life: IESE’s Summer Entrepreneurship Experience (S.E.E)

Each summer IESE offers the Summer Entrepreneurship Experience (S.E.E.), a unique alternative to a traditional corporate internship allowing entrepreneurially-minded students to test the entrepreneurial career path and develop their own startup project through a full-time, practical, team-based program. During the S.E.E., students immerse themselves in their own idea-stage startup for 10 weeks, and by the…