My experience with the case method

I decided to pursue the MiM after finishing my engineering degree because I wanted to know more about other areas related to Management and Business: IESE was the perfect place to learn through the case method.

During these past 3 months of the MiM, I have improved in terms of making reasonable decisions about complex situations and dealing with problems in a structured manner. Not only I have learnt the ability to express ideas with clarity, but also I have learnt by doing, asking the right questions and making appropriate decisions at the right time to improve and grow.

In the first period of the program, I had the opportunity to take part in the Critical Business Thinking course taught by Professor Jose Luis Illueca, facing real-life business situations with my team and preparing ourselves for new, complex and uncertain situations. As part of this course, we went through the “CBT Case Method Competition” where the different teams were tasked with delivering outstanding presentations about different cases.

My team and I won the competition! To achieve this, we had to work hard, organise and divide the work and classify our roles so we could analyse the issue deeply and learn together. After organising all the work we had to do, we started understanding the situation and defining the problem to solve: What do we have to decide? What is the current situation?

We had to come up with a recommendation for the stakeholders of an online electricity supply company in Portugal on whether they should sell part of their business to a fund, sell the entire company, or whether to maintain full ownership.

Hard at work, discussing the case and coming up with solutions.

Once the problem was identified, we observed the constraints, defined the different alternatives and established criteria for comparing the different alternatives. The next steps were to consider which factors vary significantly with each alternative and decide which criteria is essential and which is secondary. Finally, we analysed the different options and made a specific and well-argued proposal presenting our final recommendation about the case based on our criteria.

It was a fantastic opportunity to try to solve such a complex case with our class. We learnt that dealing with a complex problem is not an exact science, there is not a correct solution. There are different possibilities and based on our analysis and our criteria, we can make a final supporting decision. We also learnt to work better as individuals and as a team, as well as the importance of  learning to unlearn.

These past few months have been such a great experience and I am looking forward to the new challenges we will face in the next courses.

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