Application tips for IESE MiM Class of 2022

Our new MiM Admissions Director, Paula Amorim, gives an insider's look into what she is looking for in your essays.

Dear applicants to the MiM Class of 2022,

It is my great pleasure to address you as the new Director of MBA & MiM Admissions and am thrilled to continue serving the IESE community in this role.

Back in 2013, I was a motivated business school applicant just like you, looking to grow my global outlook and challenge myself. I ultimately applied and enrolled in IESE’s full-time MBA program and it was one of the best decisions I have made to date. Having been in your shoes, I understand committing to the business school admissions process is a big step. Together with my team, we strive to be supportive and transparent to make this journey a smooth one for you. I hope you find the below useful and my team and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Good luck!

General Tips
Here are the important dates to keep track of during the application process. Applicants are encouraged to apply early, especially if striving for a scholarship:

Round 1: October 19, 2020
Round 2: December 7, 2020
Round 3: February 8, 2021
Round 4: April 5, 2021
Round 5: May 17, 2021
Round 6: June 21, 2021
Round 7: July 19, 2021
Rolling admissions until August 9.

Do note the decision dates and payment deadlines on our website as well, you may want to take that into consideration when deciding which round to apply.

Essay 1

How do you think your academic achievements reflect your personal and professional potential? Justify your answer with specific examples. (300 words) 

We encourage applicants to first think about the qualities that help contributed to your academic achievements. These qualities could be formed from good habits that you have developed through time, personality traits that you possess or values that keep you grounded even in challenging times.

After identifying and shortlisting the best 2-3 qualities, applicants should exemplify with a specific example. Showcase how these qualities are reflected in your personal and professional success stories or setbacks in achieving those key accomplishments.

Essay 2

What are your professional goals post-MiM and how would IESE help you achieve them? Reflect on potential industries, function, geography, and/or skills you would like to develop. (300 words)

We understand that applicants view the MiM program as an accelerator to your career path and are looking to enrich your overall competency in respective career fields. This essay prompts you to give thoughtful consideration of your professional aspirations and illustrate how an IESE MiM would support you in developing the essential knowledge and skillsets to achieve these objectives.

Keeping in mind to be clear and concise about your plans. What are your specific career goals, do you have any target roles or companies? How do these goals fit to your values and what impact do you hope to bring to potential organization or sectors, in the short to medium term? If you view the MiM as a chance to explore the different career options, you can keep the perspective broad, but still define your priorities and areas of interest.

Are there clubs, classes, projects, career resources that reaffirm why you are choosing to apply to IESE? Have you met or spoken to alumni who have similar backgrounds or are working in fields that you are interested in? Highlight how IESE MiM can provide guidance to your career development and help realize your potential.

MiM Class of 2021 on their first day of classes.

Essay 3

Tell us something you learned that shaped who you are today

With each question, we want to get a better understanding of who you are. Take this essay as a valuable opportunity for some self-reflection and introduce yourself to the admissions team in a more personal way. Use this space to also highlight what makes you unique and draw attention to things that matter most to you.

Keeping in mind to provide concrete examples, i.e. learnings can come from personal experiences, external circumstances or people in your life. It doesn’t have to be a complex and major learning but more importantly, it should have had a significant impact and resonate with you.

Best of luck and all the very best!


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