Reconnecting at the IESE MiM Alumni Day

It has been one year since Graduation Day for IESE MiM Classes of 20 and 21, but some things still feel very much the same. Meeting again at the IESE MiM Alumni Day on the Madrid campus in May was an unforgettable experience for many of them, with lots of warm hugs and new memories. Many students travelled long distances to be back on campus again. Joe Casey (MiM 21) flew from Boston taking advantage of local holidays, together with Jenny Kim (MiM 20). Dalbert Ma (MiM 20) flew from London to join the event and Alejo Arteagaveytia (MiM 21) from Dubai.

Close to 110 guests were present for the event. The day started with some welcome remarks from Luis Arias Hormaechea, Alumni & Institutional Development Director Madrid Campus and Professor Miguel Anton. Following that, IESE surprised the MiM Alumni with a magician – Mariano Torrente, MBA 2016 working in Mastercard  – who showed us how magic can make “impossible” things possible. It was an amazing show that ended up with a huge applause for the magician.

The participants enjoyed this special magic show by Mariano Torrente, MBA 16

Why did IESE decide to host this event? Chabela Estelella, MiM Executive Director explains, “IESE designs these Alumni Days as  an opportunity for our MiMs to reunite, get updates on the MiM program and connect with current MiM students. We all know at IESE how important it is for them to be in touch with the school. Moreover it is important for us to be in touch with them, see how they progress and understand what the market out there is looking for.”

Indeed, it was impressive to see what our MiM graduates have accomplished in a short time. Christophe Chevallier (MiM 21) gave us the opportunity to try the craft beer his team proposed as the Business Plan for an entrepreneurship project one year ago (read more about his project in this blog post here). Now – we can all say – the beer is really good and he seems determined to make it a real business.

Current students from the MiM Class of 2022 were invited to join the event as well, with Guillem Martin (MiM 22) giving a great cello performance during the cocktail hour.

Plans for next year are ready: Camino de Santiago, MiM Weekend in NYC, and of course the MiM Alumni Reunion 23. We can’t wait!

Looking forward to the next MiM Alumni Day!

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