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“High Frequency Trading and Fragility” (with G. Cespa).

“Market Power and Welfare in Asymmetric Divisible Good Auctions” (with C. Manzano).

“Cross-ownership, R&D Spillovers and Antitrust Policy” (with A. López).

“Supply Function Competition, Private Information, and Market Power: A Laboratory Study” (with A. Bayona and J. Brandts).

“Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices” (with L. Yang).



Recent publications in journals:

“Endogenous Public Information and Welfare in Market Games”, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

“The Beauty Contest and Short-term Trading”, (with G. Cespa), Journal of Finance, 2015.

“Strategic, Complementarity, Fragility, and Regulation”Review of Financial Studies, 2014.

On the Possibility of Informationally Efficient Markets”Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014.


Articles in the press:

“El imperio de la mentira”, La Vanguardia, 16/02/2017

A rationale for the Tobin tax”, VoxEu.org, 14/02/2017.

Banking regulatory reform: The way forward”, VoxEU.org, 6/12/2016.

The Promise of Bank Mergers”, Project Syndicate, 23/09/2016.



President of EARIE, European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, for 2016-2018.

ERC Identification Committee, June 2014.  Telediario TVE1, 28/06/2014.

Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory, 2013-