Recent working papers and forthcoming publications:

“Strategic complementarity in games” (with O. Vravosinos). Forthcoming in Journal of Mathematical Economics.

“La Competencia en los Mercados Digitales”, 2024, FEDEA Documento de Trabajo 2024/01.

“Product Market Structure and Monetary Policy Evidence from the Euro Area” (with A. Ferrando, P. McAdam and F. Petroulakis), 2021, Working Paper Series 2632, European Central Bank.

“(In)efficiency in Information Acquisition and Aggregation through Prices” (with A. Pavan and S. Sundaresan).

“Revisiting the Anticompetitive Effects of Common Ownership” (with J. Azar). Recipient of the Intesa Sanpaolo award for the best paper in the 2023 ECGI Finance WP series.

Information Technology and Lender Competition” (with Z. Ye). Recipient of the SANFI award for the best paper on Banking on the 29th Finance Forum 2022.

Ownership Diversification and Product Market Pricing Incentives” (with A. Banal-Estañol and J. Seldeslachts).

“Market Opacity and Fragility: Why liquidity evaporates when it is most needed” (with G. Cespa).

Free Entry in a Cournot Market with Overlapping Ownership” (with O. Vravosinos). Forthcoming in American Economic Journal-Microeconomics.

Fintech Entry, Lending Market Competition and Welfare” (with Z. Ye).

“Climate Risk, Soft Information, and Credit Supply” (with L. Álvarez, S. Mayordomo and C. Vergara-Alert).


Lectures and Talks:

Panel discussion: AI in finance, G7 AI seminar, Florence, 2024

Panel discussion: Technological innovation and systemic risk, Sixth ESRB Annual Conference, 2022.

Trust in financial institutions, Future Trends Forum, 2020.

“Common Ownership and Competition Policy”, The Cambridge-INET Institute 2nd Symposium on Competition Policy 2020.

“Digital Disruption in Banking”, 46th annual meeting EFA 2019.


“Competition and Regulation in the Financial Sector”, G7 & Banque de France Conference 2019.

Oligopoly and Ownership Structure, Walras-Bowley Lecture 2018.

Presidential Address “Common Ownership, Market Power and Innovation”, EARIE 2018.

On the Possibility of Informationally Efficient Markets“, Joseph Schumpeter Lecture 2014, European Economic Association.


Selected recent publications:

“The International Economic and Financial Order After the Pandemic and War”, 2023, (with G. Corsetti, B. Eichengreen and J. Zettelmeyer), CEPR, pp. 162.

“Monetary Policy, Market Power and SMEs” (with A. Ferrando, P. McAdam and F. Petroulakis), AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2023, 113, 105-109.

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“Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices” (with J. Mondria and L. Yang), Management Science, 2021, 68, 1, 52-74. Informs article.

The antitrust FinTech challenge“, 2021, Concurrences, N° 4, 21-26.

“Market Power and Welfare in Asymmetric Divisible Good Auctions” (with C. Manzano), Theoretical Economics, 2021, 16, 1095-1137.

Resilience of the financial system to natural disasters, 2021 (with P. Bolton, H. Hong, M. Kacperczyk), CEPR, pp. 154.

“General Equilibrium Oligopoly and Ownership Structure” (with J. Azar), Econometrica, 2021, 89, 3, 999–1048. (Top downloaded article in 2021).

Comments on “General Equilibrium Oligopoly and Ownership Structure” (with J. Azar), Econometrica, 2021, 89, 3, 1061-1063.

The bank business model in the post Covid-19 world, 2020 (with E. Carletti, S. Claessens, A. Fatás), CEPR, pp. 158.

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“Overlapping Ownership, R&D Spillovers and Antitrust Policy” & Online Appendix & Web simulation (with A. López), Journal of Political Economy, 2019, 127, 5, 2394-2437.


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