Book Front Cover

Competition and Stability in Banking. The Role of Regulation and Competition Policy, Princeton University Press 2016 (website).

Six Banking Lectures:  Outline

1 – Banking, fragility, and crises
2 – Market failures and regulation
3 – LOLR, bailouts and crisis resolution
4 – Competition in banking
5, 6 – Competition and financial stability


Comp policy in the eu jacket

Competition Policy in the EU. Fifty Years on from the Treaty of Rome, Oxford University Press 2009 (website).


Book Cover Info & Learning in Mkts

Information and Learning in Markets: The impact of market microstructure, 2008, Princeton University Press (website). 


Oligopoly book cover

Oligopoly Pricing: Old Ideas and New Tools, MIT Press, 1999, pp. 425 (website).


Books and Symposium Issues (editor):


  • Políticas públicas y equilibrio territorial en el estado autonómico (with Angel de la Fuente), Bilbao: Fundación FBBVA, 2003, pp. 253.
  • Crecimiento y Convergencia Regional en España y Europa (coeditor with Joan Mª Esteban), IAE, 1994, Vol. I. pp. 244 and Vol. II pp. 558.
  • Ensayos sobre el sector bancario español, (with J. Gual), FEDEA, 1991, pp. 166.
  • Concentración empresarial y competitividad: España en la CE, (editor) ARIEL, 1990.