IESE Cities in Motion Index 2020

For the seventh consecutive year, we are pleased to present the new edition of our Cities in Motion Index (CIMI). Publishing such a report during the COVID-19 health crisis has invited us to reflex on how the pandemic affects cities today and how it will shape them in the future. As cities worldwide went on […]


Designing Urban Areas for Sustainable Futures: Will the Circular Economy be the Future Model of Economic Growth in Cities? (1/2)

The impacts of human activity on the environment are myriad: global warming, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, overexploitation, pollution, etc. As the global population continues to expand and the overriding patterns of production, consumption and trade remain severely unsustainable, a global rethink of the current model of growth is required. Cities, as home to more than […]


Participation and Democracy in the Digital Age in Cities

In the face of the growing ubiquity of new technologies and digitalization, cities across the globe are experimenting with new ways of governance tools for civic engagement. Digital transformation offers the ability to reach a higher number of people and interact with them in innovative ways. Cities and municipalities are taking advantage of these opportunities […]