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B. Sebastian Reiche 

Dept. of Managing People in Organizations
IESE Business School
Ave. Pearson 21
08034 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 93 602 4491
Fax: +34 93 253 4343
Email: sreiche@iese.edu 


Web page   https://blog.iese.edu/reiche/

Twitter @sebastianreiche

Since earning my Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne, Australia, I have been a faculty member at IESE Business School, where I research, teach and consult on issues related to expatriation and global mobility, as well as global work and global leadership, among other areas. My interest in this domain is both academic and experiential: I have not only published on many issues related to global mobility and global work but have also lived and worked in 6 countries and have extended family on 4 continents.

While practical tips for expatriates are readily available on the internet, broader issues associated with personal and professional experiences abroad, and the key issues for organizations in managing expatriation and global mobility generally receive less attention. My blog therefore addresses both individuals that have or are to experience international relocations and companies that actively manage global staff. It is meant to share relevant information and seek your views on key expatriation-related topics.