Online Resources

  • 14th GEM&L Online Conference Keynote

Prof. Sebastian REICHE, Professor, IESE Business School
On the move: transition between local and global work

  • IHRM Webinar Series

IHRM #1 – Dana Minbaeva, Helen DeCieri, & Angelika Zimmermann: Looking beyond the pandemic

IHRM #2 – Marion Festing: The Cultural Context in IHRM – Digital Teaching Innovations

IHRM #3 – Alena Ledeneva: The invisible dimensions of human resource management

IHRM #4 – David Collings: Global Talent Management, Global Mobility and Covid-19

IHRM #5 – Elaine Farndale & Andy Sivaraman: Deglobalization and High Tech Talent

IHRM #6 – Sebastian Reiche – How Global Leaders Advance Organizational Goals

IHRM #7 – Zeynep Aycan – What is wrong with “Leader Emergence”?

IHRM #8 – Anne-Wil Harzing – Dare to be different! Why (IHRM) research needs to change

IHRM #9 – The Rise of Fluid Work

IHRM #10 – How to Build Cultural Agility with Dr. Paula Caligiuri