A Case For Compassion in Global Business

Have you heard about compassion? According to the Dalai Lama, compassion is “associated with a sense of commitment, responsibility, and respect toward the other.” A recent scholarly definition sees compassion as “an interpersonal process involving the noticing, feeling, sense making, and acting that alleviates the suffering of another person” (Dutton, Workman, & Hardin, 2014). While […]

# Black Lives Matter

The Coronavirus pandemic, as any other bigger crisis, has pointed to many broader socio-political challenges and problems. Specifically, impacts of the current pandemic brought to light substantial economic and racial inequalities, with the latter gaining yet more prominence after the killing of George Floyd. Two years ago, in the wake of vivid racial violence in […]


Why Do Millennials Stay in Their Jobs? Recent Research

The Gallup report has dubbed Millennials as the ‘Job-Hopping Generation’, with high turnover rates and low engagement scores seemingly supporting such characterization of the generation. Indeed, the ‘job-hopping’ millennial is a common media portrayal, and academic evidence generally supports this reputation as well. Should we conclude that millennials as a generation are more fickle in […]