Selected Publications: Why Do International Assignees Stay?

Reiche, B. Sebastian; Kraimer, Maria L.; Harzing, Anne-Wil, “Why Do International Assignees Stay?: An Organizational Embeddedness Perspective”, Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 42, No. 4, 2011, pp 521 – 544 We apply an organizational embeddedness perspective to examine international assignees’ retention with the organization. Specifically, we hypothesize that assignees’ social ties within and their […]

Why do international assignees stay? – Findings from a recent study

The retention of expatriates and repatriates has been and continues to be a major concern for multinational companies. However, so far the focus of researchers and managers alike has been to understand why international assignees leave the organization. In my latest study in collaboration with Maria Kraimer and Anne-Wil Harzing (2011) we decided to take a look at the retention concern from a different angle and explicitly investigate what makes international assignees stay.