Corporate Volunteering: What Does the Latest Research Say?

Following-up on my last week’s post about corporate volunteering, I would like to review the latest academic research on the topic. Specifically, Paula Caligiuri together with colleagues (2013) has examined the conditions of employees’ corporate volunteer assignments, majority of which took place abroad,  and their effects in relation to the different parties involved. Stemming from […]


Spotlight Engagement: The Case of Expatriates

Generally speaking, expatriates share similar engagement drivers to non-expatriates. However, there are also some unique elements of expatriate engagement, which stem from the nature of their employment type. Specifically, expatriates seem to pay more attention to all factors related to a company’s future and actions of senior leadership, as well as their engagement tends to be more driven by one’s individual outlook and future prospects compared to non-expats.

Best Practices of Managing Telecommuters

As stated in my previous post, telecommuting is becoming a normal part of the modern workplace due to several reasons, such as cost saving and workplace flexibility aimed at improving employees’ work-life balance. However, there are several drawbacks to these employment practices, which mainly stem from the fact that telecommuters are physically dispersed. Take a look at managerial implications.