Health risks of migrant workers

Discussions about migration usually revolve around its impact on host locations. Are migrants stealing locals’ jobs or supporting the local economy? What kind of migration thresholds and migration policies should be in place? What should migrants do to integrate better into local communities? All these questions are naturally important, yet, there are very important considerations on the other side as […]


Global Workforce Migration Outlook for 2013: Off to Even More Surprising Destinations?

‘UK to Botswana’, ‘Greece to Australia’, ‘Ireland to UAE’, and ‘Portugal to Mozambique’ – the four stories from the latest Guardian article illustrate European migrants fleeing the continuous recession. Indeed, ‘the great escape’ of Europeans from economic crisis, especially to emerging economies around the world, is expected to continue in 2013. While already quite pronounced […]


Becoming more global or more homesick?

Globalization, internalization and cosmopolitanism are some of the terms that could be used to characterize the picture of the 21st century. In turn, he typical person of the 21st century is expected to be open-minded, culturally intelligent, excited for change, quick to adjust, and feel ‘at home’ wherever he or she resides. From being citizens of our hometowns, cities or countries, we are expected to become world citizens, or globalists. But are we really living up to these expectations?