Business Travelers: Benefiting the Business while Risking Family Life?

International travel is a natural part of today’s borderless and interlinked business environment. As noted in my previous post on this topic, global business travel is accessible and, even more importantly, brings benefits to multinational companies. Yet, as usual, possible benefits come with possible risks. Foremost, business travel is accompanied by travel stress. For example, […]


Spotlight Millennial Employees: Key Considerations for Organizations

In spite of the rapid technological development employees are still considered the main resource for organizations, and hence employee motivation and retention continue to be of great importance at a global scale. However, employees’ work related attitudes and preferences do change over time, which implies that organizations need to tailor their people management strategies to […]


A Modern Way of Commuting: Telecommuting

Given the ever increasing demands for business expansion, international partnerships and cooperation, today commuting ‘from here to there and in between’ is a normal part of employees’ work-life. While commuting can be very time inefficient and costly, the rapid development of mobile technology provides a solution. The term ‘telecommuting’ refers to employees using modern technologies to work outside their office, let it be their home or any other location, either regularly or from time to time.