Benefits of Telecommuting: Recent Research

When speaking of progressive workplace policies, telecommuting is definitely one to mention. The term ‘telecommuting’ refers to employees using modern technologies to work outside their office, let it be their home or any other location, either regularly or from time to time. As described in one of my earlier blog posts, telecommuting is a trend […]


Global Virtual Teams – a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Today’s globally dispersed business landscape and technological progress have created a nurturing environment for global virtual teams. On one hand, globally dispersed businesses are in dire need of such forms of work, to save on travel and expatriation costs while still keeping international teams connected and working on common projects. On the other hand, modern […]


Corporate Volunteering: What Does the Latest Research Say?

Following-up on my last week’s post about corporate volunteering, I would like to review the latest academic research on the topic. Specifically, Paula Caligiuri together with colleagues (2013) has examined the conditions of employees’ corporate volunteer assignments, majority of which took place abroad,  and their effects in relation to the different parties involved. Stemming from […]