Virtual Teams: From Merely Working Together to Truly Collaborating with One Another.

‘It’s like monopoly on a global scale, with people, factories, offices, and ideas, crisscrossing the world to get the job done in time and on budget’. In my opinion, this metaphor that a recent CNN article mentioned serves as a fitting description for today’s globally dispersed business environment, and as a great introduction for a […]


Global Leadership in Practice: Leading with your Head, your Heart and your Guts.

My last post presented a conceptual framework for defining the ‘global’ of global leadership and proposed some managerial implications. Indeed, as global leadership is a key challenge in many organizations today, research increasingly focuses on providing advice on how to develop global leadership competences. For instance, international experience, solid career plans, leadership talent programs and […]


Winning through Diversity? The Case of Multicultural Management Teams

Given the increasingly global business environment, establishing management teams that consist of members from different countries of origin would appear to become necessary practice. Multicultural business requires multicultural management – isn’t this what common wisdom would suggest? Does the cultural diversity of management teams really benefit global companies?