Spotlight International Recruitment: Strategies, data and implications

Following up on my previous post about global labour market trends, this entry will focus on the topic of international recruitment. In particular, the increased international mobility of the global workforce goes hand in hand with a growing demand for international recruitment by companies. The Global Talent Mobility Survey (2011) identifies two main strategies that ensure successful international recruitment: the ‘work to people’ strategy and the ‘people to work’ strategy.


The latest trends of the global labour market: Highlights of a large-scale survey

From the employer standpoint, the globalization of labour markets inevitably leads to the need to recruit internationally. In the past few years people have become more willing to relocate for their jobs and companies are more interested in hiring international staff than ever before. However, what remains unclear is how to find the right candidates and match them with the right organizations? The Global Talent Mobility Survey aims on answering international recruitment related questions.