Why Do Millennials Stay in Their Jobs? Recent Research

The Gallup report has dubbed Millennials as the ‘Job-Hopping Generation’, with high turnover rates and low engagement scores seemingly supporting such characterization of the generation. Indeed, the ‘job-hopping’ millennial is a common media portrayal, and academic evidence generally supports this reputation as well. Should we conclude that millennials as a generation are more fickle in […]

Coronavirus and Social Networks: Can There be Light in the Darkness?

On Friday, January 31, the WHO declared the new coronavirus a global health emergency. By now, the virus has reached every region in mainland China and continues to spread outside China as well. Evacuation and quarantine operations of hundreds of foreign nationals from China are underway. Moreover, several countries reacted to the emergency by restricting […]


Latest Research: How Do Employees Respond to a Radical Global Language Change over Time?

Radical change, such as through mergers or acquisitions, is integral to organizational life. Radical changes bring about qualitative changes in the ways people in the organization cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally interact with each other and the world around them. One increasingly common form of radical change in global organizations is replacing the native language of […]