Selected Publications: Why Do International Assignees Stay?

Reiche, B. Sebastian; Kraimer, Maria L.; Harzing, Anne-Wil, “Why Do International Assignees Stay?: An Organizational Embeddedness Perspective”, Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 42, No. 4, 2011, pp 521 – 544 We apply an organizational embeddedness perspective to examine international assignees’ retention with the organization. Specifically, we hypothesize that assignees’ social ties within and their […]

Taxonomy of internationally mobile managers

Due to increased business globalization, the demand for competent international managers also continues to grow. Accordingly, international human resources management (IHRM) practices are constantly adapted to account for the many different ways that international work can be arranged. Indeed, several scholars argue that a classification within the group of international managers is needed, which would […]


Flexible Global Mobility: Higher Satisfaction with No Additional Cost?

Increased globalization continuously pushes organizations to expand further into emerging markets, to operate across borders more effectively, and to create better results in more cost-saving, flexible and innovative ways. This explains the spreading popularity of virtual working arrangements (e.g. telecommuters, virtual cross-cultural teams) as well as rapid transformations in HR strategies, such as moving talent […]