Want to Become more Culturally Competent? Start with your Cultural Self-Awareness

It is impossible to speak about being global without the ability to deal with different cultures. Global companies engage in cross-cultural business relations, lead multicultural teams, develop intercultural competencies, strive to increase cultural awareness and look for cultural intelligence. In short, a clear message in today’s globalized world is that success is built by joint […]


Winning through Diversity? The Case of Multicultural Management Teams

Given the increasingly global business environment, establishing management teams that consist of members from different countries of origin would appear to become necessary practice. Multicultural business requires multicultural management – isn’t this what common wisdom would suggest? Does the cultural diversity of management teams really benefit global companies?

Why cultural differences matter and how they can be managed: Managing People across Cultures at IESE Business School

Dealing with cultural differences is an inevitable part of every cross-cultural encounter and one that simply cannot be overlooked. Scientific research implies that there are very real differences in how people from different cultures process information. However, the brain processing patterns are not permanent, as cross-cultural experiences can change them. So what does this mean for managing people across cultures?


Cultural intelligence: A skill you can’t do without in today’s multicultural world

In addition to intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), nowadays, we also speak about a third type of intelligence, namely ‘CQ’ or cultural intelligence. Leaders of The Cultural Intelligence Center, argue that in today’s increasingly global and diverse environment CQ is a skill that is absolutely necessary for working effectively in culturally diverse situations. Take a look at the strategies for developing this skill.