Finance for Managers, 3rd Ed. 2023

Finance for Managers


Eduardo Martínez Abascal
Professor of Finance, IESE

This book is intended to show the basics of corporate finance, i.e., what every manager should know, whatever their position, whether in marketing, operations, human resources, etc. It will give you the knowledge to understand what your financial director is saying and even ask questions and offer relevant suggestions.

Since its first edition, the book has been used in a multitude of executive education and MBA programs, by more than 25,000 managers, in at least ten different countries and on four continents. In this latest edition I have collected the many comments and suggestions from participants and students, which were very useful to improve the content and clarity of the book.

Most «classic» finance manuals adopt the perspective of large, listed companies. In this regard, this book is different, as it is aimed at managers of «normal» companies, which are more than 99.5% of those in the world: companies that are either not large or not listed on the stock market.



Table of Contents

1. Analysis and Diagnosis

2. Financial Forecasting

3. Practical Case and Solution

4. Bank Financing Products

5. Finance Calculation

6. Introduction to Structural Finance

7. Investment Project Analysis and Decision

8. Investment Project Analysis Cases

9. Financing Decisions: Debt vs Equity

10. Company valuation: A Summary


Exhibits in English, Portuguese and Spanish