Love, Hope, and Light

74 days before the presidential election the Democratic Party has staged an impressive, unified, convention touching on the values and competence of a Biden-Harris administration, the progressive agenda it will pursue, and most importantly the values of integrity, decency, and fairness that it will hold dear.

Pick Kamala!

As the Trump presidency continues to set new lows in corruption, incompetence, and a complete lack of moral compass, Joe Biden is getting closer to picking his running mate for the November Election. I would like to respectfully suggest that he run with California Senator, Kamala Harris.

Who do you trust ?

I find it increasingly difficult to talk to people about important things as it seems everyone has their own set of facts which makes it hard to have serious conversations. This seems to happen more and more frequently when discussing such complex subjects as SARS-CoV-2, climate change, or the nature of the relationship between Big Tech, AI, and privacy and freedom of choice.