IESE’s Finaves Invests in Neurotech Startup InBrain

Finaves V, IESE’s venture capital fund, is part of a group of investors providing €900,000 in financing for InBrain Neuroelectronics, a startup that is developing graphene-based technologies to treat neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s with unprecedented precision.

Finaves contributed €150,000 to the round, which was led by Sabadell-Asabys and Alta Life Sciences, two Barcelona-based funds that specialize in healthcare. Other partners in the round were the Institut Catalá de Finances (ICF), the research center Institut Catalá de Nanociéncia i Nanotecnologia (ICN2) and venture capital firm Ysios Capital.

InBrain is founded and managed by a team of leading experts in the fields of neuroelectronics and business management. CEO and co-founder Carolina Aguilar worked for more than a decade as business director of medical technology and services company Medtronic, responsible for the global commercialization of the company’s neurological business, with a particular focus on deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Jose Garrido, founder and chief scientific officer, is a renowned expert in the field of graphene technology, and Mario Capizzani, co-founder and chief commercial officer, is a marketing professor at IESE.

InBrain, a spin-off of ICN2, is developing neuroelectronic therapies that use graphene interfaces to stimulate areas of the brain in better and more targeted ways. The ​​thinnest known material, graphene is also incredibly strong, is an excellent conductor and has interesting light absorption abilities. Due to its superior material characteristics, graphene-based implants can be designed smaller than traditional metal-based implants, which allows for a more precise stimulation of diseased brain areas and fewer side effects.

Today up to 50% of DBS candidates refuse therapy do to its invasiveness and more than 35% drug resistant brain disorder patients remain without treatment. InBrain’s technology will help these patients by offering a less invasive more efficient treatment of their disease.