IESE entrepreneurship clubs and activities across Masters

GEMBA’24 and ’25 participants visit to Barcelona and Madrid: A journey of insights and innovation For two weeks, as part of their global journey, we had the pleasure of hosting GEMBA participants in Barcelona and Madrid. Besides attending entrepreneurial sessions with IESE professors as part of the GEMBA program, their schedule was filled with enriching […]

IESE’s Technology Transfer Group Recognized by AACSB for “Innovation That Inspires”

IESE’s Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG) has been recognized by AACSB International for its innovative efforts to elevate entrepreneurial thinking and encourage new business creation. The AACSB, the world’s largest business education alliance, recognized 25 business schools from 12 countries for a wide range of innovation projects, which emphasize research, experiential learning, cross-disciplinary efforts, and community […]