Latest Research: How Do Employees Respond to a Radical Global Language Change over Time?

Radical change, such as through mergers or acquisitions, is integral to organizational life. Radical changes bring about qualitative changes in the ways people in the organization cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally interact with each other and the world around them. One increasingly common form of radical change in global organizations is replacing the native language of […]


Corporate Philanthropy in the Aftermath of Natural Disaster: The Latest Research

The past few months have been like an endless series of natural disasters. First, there were the devastating floods in South Asia during the summer. Then, starting at the end of August, the U.S. got hit by hurricanes: Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Simultaneously, Hurricane Katia battered Mexico, which in early […]


Latest Research: The Role of Global Leadership

The most recent DHL Global Connectedness Index, analyzing the state of globalization around the world, suggests that we don’t quite live in a ‘flat’ world. Indeed, in spite of visible global interconnectedness, the actual numbers related to international flows of products and services, capital, information, and people, show that globalization is much more limited than […]


Global Hazards and Global Business

McKinsey’s recent survey on globalization reveals that geopolitical instability has become a critical influence on global business. Indeed, the number of executives who attribute high importance to the factor of geopolitical instability has doubled in two years. According to the survey data, geopolitical risks are today as important for companies as other previously impactful factors, […]


Diversity in Global Business: What to Pay Attention to?

Global businesses celebrate diversity. For example, Apple believes that diversity inspires innovation, American Airlines are convinced that diversity translates into business value, and Hilton Worldwide state that diversity is fundamental to their success. Indeed, as stated in one of my previous blog posts, research supports the benefits of diversity, showing its positive links to business […]

Global Virtual Teams – a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Today’s globally dispersed business landscape and technological progress have created a nurturing environment for global virtual teams. On one hand, globally dispersed businesses are in dire need of such forms of work, to save on travel and expatriation costs while still keeping international teams connected and working on common projects. On the other hand, modern […]