PODCAST | Time Warner, AT&T Merger: Should We Be Worried?

When AT&T acquired Time Warner earlier this month, critics warned that the deal could end up costing customers dear. But is this the likely outcome? Josep Valor investigates.

About Josep Valor

Josep Valor-Sabatier is professor of information systems and information technology and holder of the Indra Chair of Digital Strategy. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research from MIT, and his Sc.D. in Medical Engineering from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Josep Valor teaches extensively at the senior executive level on Management Information Systems, Media Management, Management of Technology, and Strategy.

3 thoughts on “PODCAST | Time Warner, AT&T Merger: Should We Be Worried?

  1. It’s definitely a must for telcos having TV services to secure content rights, be it through long term partnerships, own produced content, or as in this case, acquiring the holders of the actual content rights. Important to differentiate yourself among other telcos, but vital to compete against OTT video service providers.
    Up to the regulator to decide whether these moves, that we will see more and more frequently, could limit customer choices.
    I definitely do not see this being the case.

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