The Internet of Things: The New Industrial Revolution

Understanding and analyzing the scope of the digital transformation in our society – how it impacts global business, sectors and people – came under the spotlight at the IESE 21st ICT & Digital Media Industry Meeting. The digital revolution is happening, and it is changing everything.

About Javier Zamora

Javier Zamora is currently senior lecturer in the Department of Information Systems. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and his M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya. He holds also a PDG from IESE.

3 thoughts on “The Internet of Things: The New Industrial Revolution

  1. The internet of things is defiantly the new industrial revolution and we’ve only just started to see the transformation it can have on the world.

  2. Digital transformation is the next big thing. Every company have to adopt to this new world.

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