Facebook Opts for WhatsApp Group Therapy

Trascription 19 billion dollars seems like an insane amount of money to pay for a little startup company with less than 50 employees. That’s exactly what Facebook has decided to put on the table to acquire WhatsApp. So what’s behind that? When you look at it first and you see 19 billion and you look […]

Facebook’s Home Front

While many people thought Facebook would launch its own phone, rather than get into the hardware business it launched the Facebook Home app for Android phones, says Prof. Josep Valor. This allows you do to anything from the phone interface even when the phone is asleep, giving Facebook valuable information that will allow it to […]


The Big 4 and HTML5

HTML5 promises a broader-based economy and while Google, which depends on advertising, wants it as open as possible, it is a different story for Apple which makes its money from apps. Facebook went to HTML too early and is now playing it safe while Amazon has cleverly built a closed eco-system on top of the […]