What Matters Most Is the Consumer

Apple‘s map application failure on the new iPhone, combined with the company dropping the Google map app, has led Apple lovers for the first time to consider moving to another platform, says Prof. Sandra Sieber. People react negatively if they feel they are being locked in. In online services, meeting customer need is paramount, even […]


Attending CES 2011 in the comfort of your own Tablet

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is already a trademark slogan used in the official Las Vegas tourism web site. However, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the exception that proves the rule. Anyone serious about being a techie should pilgrim at least once to CES, which is held at the beginning of January […]

Apple and Google: Returning to calmer waters

There is an Indian proverb (or maybe it is Confucian, who knows) that says that there is no worst enemy that the one who was your best friend. And this is because he or she knows you well. In 2007,when unveiling the iPhone, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google came on stage and announced that Google […]