2013: IT’s Convergence Year

Companies that want to succeed in 2013 will have to learn how to manage four key pillars of IT in an integrated manner, effectively bringing together cloud, mobility, social media and big data. IESE’s Josep Valor predicts we will see more integrators than hardware manufacturers, because people are looking for complete not partial solutions.


“Half-Life” for “Midlife Crisis”

Tudor Muşatescu, a Romanian playwright, once wrote, “The glory is not ephemeral. Ephemeral are only those that have it.” Is IBM the exception that proves the rule? As a matter of fact, Big Blue turned 100 this month, and according to its financial records in a pretty good shape. For instance, IBM’s market value passed […]

Cloud Computing: Come Rain or Come Shine?

As Cloud Computing is becoming a clear alternative to traditional IT infrastructure (see a previous post), a lot of media attention has been raised regarding its security. Last week, The Economist in the article “Cloudy with a chance of rain” stated the resistance by many IT managers to adopt cloud computing based on security issues. As a matter […]