The Big 4 and HTML5

HTML5 promises a broader-based economy and while Google, which depends on advertising, wants it as open as possible, it is a different story for Apple which makes its money from apps. Facebook went to HTML too early and is now playing it safe while Amazon has cleverly built a closed eco-system on top of the […]


What Matters Most Is the Consumer

Apple‘s map application failure on the new iPhone, combined with the company dropping the Google map app, has led Apple lovers for the first time to consider moving to another platform, says Prof. Sandra Sieber. People react negatively if they feel they are being locked in. In online services, meeting customer need is paramount, even […]


Is this a Google Mis-app?

Travel agencies are among Google’s most important clients and Josep Valor wonders if the search engine hasn’t shot itself in the foot with its application that allows users to search for travel bargains. Once users find the best offer they bypass the agent and go directly to the airline’s site to book it, allowing the […]