Big Data for Better Health

Dacadoo can give anyone a health score by taking their weight, height gender and age and wrapping it around data from their social life and mobility, says Peter Ohnemus. Healthcare is about prevention and prevention can be achieved by making it visible and relevant. Apps on smartphones combined with biosensors will provide the big data […]


Barcelona Makes the Connection

Operators in the mobile industry have to look on the demand side, know where their customers are and create platforms that will give them a global reach, speakers said at the conference “Mobile Industry: A Trigger in the World Economy.” The mayor of Barcelona announced that the city aims to set an industry standard as […]


App-wardly Mobile

Five years ago the mobile app market didn’t exist but by 2015 it will be worth $60 billion, says Prof. Javier Zamora. Mobile software exploits the contextual information the mobile can access, making it possible for employees or clients to make decisions in real time. Soon there will be 10 billion smart devices connected to […]