Big Data: What’s in It for Me?

The conversation about big data revolves around business benefits. But as IESE’s Evgeny Káganer says, we should start thinking about what’s in it for us: how emails, tweets, texts and apps can improve our work habits, productivity patterns and well-being. We, as individuals, should start steering the conversation, telling businesses how we want products, services […]


Distance is Dead, Time is Not

Technology has given us new modes of communication but has done nothing to eradicate the problem of working across time zones, say Prof. Erran Carmel. Managers have to learn to timeshift in order to accommodate people working in other zones. The benefits are the ability to work around the clock or to pass on work […]

Integrating Social CRM

Social media has led customers to expect more collaborative interactions, says Prof. Evgeny Kaganer. Companies are using social CRM to collect intelligence on customers and to integrate with them and then try to combine this with transaction-based traditions. The next frontier will be to overlay collaborative technologies on to transactional systems. The companies that can […]