Mobile World Congress :: Redefining Mobile in Barcelona?

In 2006, Barcelona held for the first time the Mobile Congress. At that edition the CEOs from VODAFONE, TELEFÓNICA, MOTOROLA, NOKIA and MICROSOFT were the keynote speakers. Those companies reflected to some extent the mobile industry value chain in 2006, accounting for an aggregated market value capitalization of more than $600B. Only six years later, […]


Additional Power for the Gatekeeper

Since ancestral times, wherever there is a narrow passage that many people have to cross, someone will try to establish itself as the gatekeeper and exercise control on the passersby. In fact controlling passageways, from maritime straits to oil pipes, has been one of the reasons humanity has endured many wars. The digital space is […]

Where’s Wally at the Mobile World Congress?

After attending to four intense days at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, we could summarize what happened at the congress in two different ways. On one hand, we could glimpse the headlines in the front pages of the four issues of the official Show Daily: However, a picture is worth a […]