Global Hazards and Global Business

McKinsey’s recent survey on globalization reveals that geopolitical instability has become a critical influence on global business. Indeed, the number of executives who attribute high importance to the factor of geopolitical instability has doubled in two years. According to the survey data, geopolitical risks are today as important for companies as other previously impactful factors, […]


Expat-preneurs: A New Type of Global Employees

Within the global workforce exist a whole range of international work experiences. When referring to expatriation, we are speaking about traditional company-initiated expats, who are sent abroad for either shorter or longer periods of time. That is a very simplistic distinction though, as the landscape of company-initiated assignments is constantly changing, producing an increasing variety […]

What we know and don’t know about intercultural competence

Intercultural competence is one of the salient topics in the field of global mobility, with ongoing interest in both academic and applied settings. For example, implications of intercultural competence can’t be overseen when speaking about global workforce mobility, multicultural team management, cross-cultural collaborations in both business and education domains, immigration, and the current refugee crisis. […]


The Global World of a Local Facebook User

Who participates in globalization? Governments, which form alliances, open borders and support trade across countries? Multinational organizations, which open new subsidiaries abroad and employ people of different nationalities? Universities, which support international student exchange programs? Naturally, all of the above mentioned are active participants in the globalization process. Yet, the latest McKinsey publication highlights that […]


The Global Talent Competitiveness Index: Key Points from the Latest Report

On January 19, 2016 in Davos INSEAD launched its latest Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) report. As in previous years, the report focuses on the important topic of global talent competitiveness, highlighting the emergence of an unprecedented international landscape that redefines global mobility. Today we can speak about increased mobility across all facets of the […]