IESE’s Technology Transfer Group Recognized by AACSB for “Innovation That Inspires”

IESE’s Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG) has been recognized by AACSB International for its innovative efforts to elevate entrepreneurial thinking and encourage new business creation.

The AACSB, the world’s largest business education alliance, recognized 25 business schools from 12 countries for a wide range of innovation projects, which emphasize research, experiential learning, cross-disciplinary efforts, and community engagement, among other aspects. The Innovation That Inspires recognitions were created to celebrate the ways AACSB’s 1,700 member institutions foster innovative business education, generate creative solutions for ever-changing industry, and produce revolutionary improvements to society.

The BTTG is an initiative launched at IESE in 2016, aimed at bringing its MBA talent into closer contact with scientists, doctors and researchers and accelerate the launch of deep-science-backed startups.

One of the most advanced cities in Europe in patent generation, Barcelona is home to several of the world’s best research centers, generating world-changing IP. However, the rate of commercialization of that IP is very low in comparison. At the same time, IESE graduates hundreds of business school students every year, who on average have more than seven years of experience across a huge variety of sectors.

The idea: put scientists and MBA students in a room together, and see what happens. The answer has been that a lot happens.

Over the past four years, BTTG has worked with 24 early stage spin-outs across a range of technology and industrial applications. Those have included voice simulation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printed meat, drones, biotech, photonics, nanotechnology and more. “Graduates” from BTTG have gone on to raise more than €4 million through business angels, venture capitalists, corporate accelerators, and nearly an equal amount in public-funded grants. Co-founder teams have been built, advisors and board members have been identified and friendships have been made.

The program is proof that business and science can coexist successfully, if the conditions are right and the mutual respect is there.

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