Gender Gap: A Debate That Simply Doesn’t Age

Tolerance, diversity and equality are persistent topics in global business, which I occasionally write about. Specifically, I have repeatedly touched upon the topic of gender inequality, writing about the underrepresentation of women in management, the gender gap within the expat community, and lack of equality for women in the workplace overall. Recently I came across […]


Gender Diversity in the Workplace: A Global Matter with No Progress?

Gender inequality is one of the global topics that is continuously spoken about, be it in terms of inequalities in the attainment of health, survival and education in developing countries, or differences in economic opportunities in the developed world. Naturally, gender diversity is a hot topic also for global business, where females are consistently underrepresented […]


Gender Diversity on a Global Scale: Different Perspectives

Gender diversity in organizations and female underrepresentation in management teams has been a widely discussed topic in global business. While I have already reviewed it in several of my previous blog posts, there are more recent publications that are very relevant and worth discussing. So, why are women still underrepresented in leadership positions? Is it […]

The Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in Management

One of my latest blog posts about accompanying partners in expatriation touched on the continuously changing perceptions of female gender roles, especially concerning their work-life empowerment. Indeed, in most developed economies – primarily Europe and North America – women account for nearly half of the overall workforce, according to World Bank statistics. Yet, when it […]