Barcelona Makes the Connection

Operators in the mobile industry have to look on the demand side, know where their customers are and create platforms that will give them a global reach, speakers said at the conference “Mobile Industry: A Trigger in the World Economy.” The mayor of Barcelona announced that the city aims to set an industry standard as a connected city, linking investors and entrepreneurs.
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About Sandra Sieber

Sandra Sieber is a Professor of the IS Department at IESE Business School in Barcelona. Her studies center around the impact of new technologies on organizations and business models.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona Makes the Connection

  1. Great move by the mayor of Barcelona. Increased number of investors means strong economy and more job generating firms.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing. ”Speed” is the word which defines our days. Everybody needs to look at what clients need and most important to anticipate future. Probably anticipation and innovation are the most important things that every company needs.


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