Search Fund Incentive Structures: Time for Debate

Search funds have become a popular model for young entrepreneurs seeking to become equity-owning managers and run their own business. They have also become an interesting investment class for experienced private equity investors and other individual investors. It’s an appealing collaborative model: an ambitious and dynamic yet inexperienced entrepreneur partners with experienced hands-on investors to…

The Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned

The current crisis has taught us some valuable lessons. At its core, the crisis illustrates the need to disregard age-old principles. Unfortunately, creditors’ dogged adherence to some longstanding doctrines has led to misconceived policies, inflicting unnecessary pain on some without putting an end to the crisis. For some, the question of whether recovery will come soon enough is still up in the air.

Search Funds, the Asset Class Nobody Keeps Up With … so far

In April 1966 lifelong Warren Buffett friend Carol Loomis wrote an article in Fortune magazine titled: "The Jones Nobody Keeps Up With". In the article she introduces Alfred Winslow Jones and Hedge Funds to Fortune readers. She explains that Jones’ 5 year historic IRR (internal rate return) of 33.56% is 7% higher than the best…
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