Corporate Governance

Why Social Responsibility Doesn’t Work

Social responsibility (SR) does not work, or at least doesn’t work very well, in many companies, because certain things are done wrong. Those higher up, at the head of the company, do not believe in it, starting with higher management. Well, sometimes they believe in it, but not as true SR, but rather as a…

What Does Being a Good Advisory Board Member Really Entail?

Just what a good Advisory Board member should do relies heavily on what he or she expects from this board. But I don’t want to get caught up here in the debate on whether they should cater to the needs of the shareholders – or what those needs are. Rather, my interest lies in highlighting…

Why is it hard to be ethical in business?

No one ever said leading was easy, much less leading with ethics. But the latter is very important. It is the difference between a good executive, in the full sense of the expression, and one who only knows how to achieve technical perfection, and how to do things right, but does not know how to…
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