Leadership and People Managenent

Introverts in an Extraverted Global World

How do you feel about big social gatherings? Do you consider yourself outgoing and at ease with blending into a group of strangers? Does your creativity spur in solitude or during team brainstorming? Do you prefer action or contemplation? As you have most probably sensed by now, all of these questions relate to the well-known…

Why Would Countries Want to Befriend Their Diasporas Abroad?

Conventionally, emigration of the skilled, especially from developing to developed countries, is considered to be a brain drain and seen as problematic. That is especially relevant for countries with high emigration numbers, such as India and China, who work on luring back their talents. Also Ireland, considered as a nation of emigrants, has recently launched…

Into Africa: Routes to Failure and Success!

When I told a Spanish friend about my engagement with Africa, she said: “I’d love to go there and get them organized!” I thought to myself, “Thank God you’re not going!” My friend’s attitude is the same as that of some MNCs and NGOs: it's an ethnocentric perspective that doesn’t recognize country differences – not to mention the value of…
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