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HQ Involvement with Its Subsidiaries: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Multinational businesses expand their operations worldwide by establishing subsidiaries abroad. Given that a subsidiary is an asset of the multinational company and serves the economic aims of the business headquarters (HQ), HQ-subsidiary interdependence and a continuous relationship seem to be unavoidable. The degree of interdependence naturally differs with the degrees of freedom granted to the…

Five Measures to Create Jobs for Countries with High Unemployment

Job creation is one of the most important challenges facing society. This is true from both the social and economic points of view, particularly amid an economic crisis as persistent as the one that hit the Western world in the opening decade of the 21st century. One of the most dramatic consequences of this crisis…

The Migration Crisis: In Need of a Long-Term Solution

In this blog I speak a lot about globalization and migration. I discuss the matters of international business, cross-cultural communication, global talent and borderless workers. Mostly, when speaking about migrants here, I tend to refer to the skilled, educated and globally minded ones. Yet, although not fully serving the purpose of this blog, the matter…
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