Innovation: Converting Your Company in a Startup Corporation

Established players and startups seem to be two completely different worlds. This belief has led to the Innovation Paradox: The better you are at incremental innovation, the worst you become at generating breakthrough ideas.

Yet companies must beat this paradox in order to survive. How? By becoming a Startup Corporation. It is possible. Google has done it. 3M too. And Logitech…

Let me tell you how to do it. But please, before clicking the play button, save in your brain these three words: Inspire, Learn, Integrate. Three key concepts to build your own Startup Corporation…


About Tony Davila

Antonio Dávila is professor of entrepreneurship and accounting and control. Furthermore, he is the head of IESE's Department of Entrepreneurship and holder of the Alcatel-Lucent Chair of Management of Technology. From 1999 to 2006, he was part of the faculty at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where he still teaches periodically. Prof. Dávila earned his Ph.D. from Harvard Business School and his MBA from IESE. His teaching and research interests focus on management systems in entrepreneurial firms, new product development and innovation management, and performance measurement.

One thought on “Innovation: Converting Your Company in a Startup Corporation

  1. Small businesses or individual entrepreneurs not only need to innovate, but also to be creative at all times.
    No big budgets have forced us to use creativity as one of the most important factors in the success of our projects.
    I liked your video. Regards.

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