How changes in the family can benefit the family firm

Family-owned firms must navigate continuous change in both the external business environment and their own family sphere, shaped by births, deaths, married-ins and the evolving values and objectives of each new generation. As this Forbes article explores, changes in the family–while challenging–can also be a wellspring of new energy, capabilities and ideas. How Changes in […]

ADEFAM recognizes IESE for its entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Family Business Association of Madrid (ADEFAM) was created to support and defend the interests of family businesses in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. On April 8, IESE had the great honor of receiving an ADEFAM Award in recognition of its “complete entrepreneurial ecosystem in which they provide the advice, contacts, financing and research necessary […]

Design, management and dynamics of successful strategic alliances

Guest contributor: África Ariño Professor of Strategic Management · Holder of the Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances · IESE As explored in the first article in this series on the conclusions drawn at the Family Business Reflection Forum, strategic alliances enable two or more companies to share resources and capabilities to either undertake […]