Going Beyond the Task

Going beyond the task is a moto. Going beyond the tasks allows you to increase the content and the creativity of your work while contributing to the overall business. If you want to go beyond the task then follow these three steps: Perform your taskwell. Do it and do it right. Understand your business and your role within the business Contribute […]


9 Tips to Drive and Generate Site Traffic

Consumers have changed. And with those changes come new consumer journeys, competitors and collaborators. While these changes do not affect all industries at the same pace, most CMOs and CEOs wonder how to digitally transform their businesses. For many, bringing more traffic to their site either to sell or to generate new leads is a […]


Looking Outside: How to Sense Opportunities in The Market

We’ve designed organizations that fail to respond to changes in the market. I tried to highlight this idea during my session in  the TEDxIESEBarcelona – hosted at IESE campus and organized by the MBA Innovation Club. Opportunities and risks are born outside. Other organizations and people are taking action that changes the conditions of our own organizations. Yet, our organizations are designed to […]