Adopting emerging technologies through open innovation: An IESE Business School bootcamp for DIH4CAT

Adopting emerging technologies through open innovation: An IESE Business School bootcamp for DIH4CAT

From 12 to 14 March 2024, IESE Business School’s campus in Barcelona was home to 20 top executives from Catalan companies taking part in the ‘Bootcamp on adopting emerging technologies through open innovation’, organized by IESE’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center as part of the DIH4CAT innovation ecosystem. Primarily aimed at senior management and innovation leaders of small and medium-sized Catalan companies with a medium to high degree of digitalization, the event offered an exclusive space to explore and debate best practices in adopting emerging technologies.

Exploring open innovation
The bootcamp focused on building and scaling open innovation strategies, highlighting the importance of collaborating with startups or research centers, to stay ahead of the curve in emerging technologies. Participants delved into a series of key issues, from optimizing the speed and cost of open innovation teams, to evaluation of new opportunities.

Top-level speakers and topics
Bootcamp attendees had the chance to learn through presentations, panel discussions, group dynamics, individual, and teamwork… The sessions were led by IESE professors Julia Prats and Mathieu Carenzo, industry expert Raimon Albiol, and Josemaria Siota and Mar Martínez, Executive Director and Associate Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, respectively. The Bootcamp topics spanned from leadership in innovation teams, deep-tech transfer, pitching advice, chatGPT, and opportunity assessment.

Tangible benefits
Attendees benefited from a unique learning environment where they could validate their approaches in a low-risk environment. In addition, they had the opportunity to connect with other business leaders and gain valuable insights and learnings to apply in their own organizations. Practical examples and interactive dynamics allowed participants to address specific challenges they face in their companies.

Next steps
With a focus on action and implementation, the bootcamp doesn’t end when the event concludes. Participants return to their organizations armed with innovative ideas and a clear plan to integrate emerging technologies through open innovation.

The bootcamp was more than just an event: it was an opportunity to forge new connections, gain practical knowledge, and explore innovative approaches to embrace the future of business through open innovation. DIH4CAT continues with a series of webinars, meetings and other activities throughout the rest of the year; you can explore the events agenda here. The next event is a webinar led by IESE Professor Thomas Klueter on ‘Scaling Your Business and Financing Strategy’.

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Note: In 2022, IESE Business School and nine other institutions established the Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia (DIH4CAT) to accelerate the integration of emerging technologies in businesses and institutions. IESE’s role within DIH4CAT involves facilitating the adoption of emerging technologies by SMEs through open innovation and technology transfer. To date, we have mentored over 100 organizations, conducted multiple bootcamps, and hosted webinars featuring IESE professors such as Mª Julia Prats, Kandarp Mehta, Pep Casas, Mathieu Carenzo, Thomas Klueter, and Sandra Sieber.